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Granuloma gravidarum: clinical features and management.
Case report and review of the literature

Review/meta-analysis, 371 - 375
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The aim of this manuscript is to clarify the state of art of granuloma gravidarum (GG), analyzing its peculiar clinical features, management and statistical data in term of stratification of the study population and to enlarge the series in the literature. GG is an oral mucosal inflammatory hyperplasia, which affects pregnant women as response to local irritation under the influence of sexual hormonal factors.Data were pigeonholed referring to the age of the patients, gestation trimester, time of development, lesion size and location, clinical features and manner of resolution. We analyzed 48 cases of GG diagnosed between 1980 and 2015, including our case report. The lesion occurred in pregnant women, mean age 28 years (SD± 6.45). It appeared as nodule located in the gingiva (70,83%) with mean diameters of 1,5 cm (SD±0.89). If symptoms of GG are manageable, the treatment of choice is observation and maintenance of oral hygiene. If uncontrolled bleeding and swallowing discomfort occur, excision is required and in extreme condition induction of labor should be considered.

Vol. XXIX (No. 1) 2017 Gennaio - Febbraio

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  1. Granuloma gravidarum: clinical features and management.
    Case report and review of the literature

    Riganelli L., Casorelli A., Caccetta J., Carrone A., Savone D., Merlino L., Di Donato V., Pecorella I., Piccioni M.G., Monti M., Maturo A., Benedetti Panici P.