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The influence of empowerment of women of childbearing age on cervical cancer prevention behavior

Review, 53 - 60
doi: 10.11138/giog/2018.40.2.053
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Community empowerment is defined as a process whereby individuals, organizations and communities gain control over their life. In relation to the definition of community empowerment, this study aims to determine the effect of empowerment of women of childbearing age on cervical cancer prevention behavior. This study is a quasi-experiment which was conducted on women of childbearing age in two areas: Perwiritan and Moria in Titirantai village, Medan Baru district, in the area of community healthcare center/Puskesmas Padang Bulan in Medan.
Using purposive sampling technique, 60 women of childbearing age were examined as sample of this study. Data was analyzed through paired t-test and logistic regression analysis. Findings found that there is a significant difference of mean on knowledge, attitude and action of women of childbearing age before and after empowerment (p <0.05). The OR of knowledge after interacting with the confounding variable is at 0.162 and action at 4.875. Thus, this research suggests that empowerment is an effective way in improving behavior of women of childbearing age on early detection of cervical cancer. In addition, empowerment of women of childbearing age can also be used as one of the primary or secondary prevention programs on cervical cancer especially for housewives.

Vol. XL (No. 4) 2018 Ottobre - Dicembre

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