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Efficacy of Evandol, a novel food supplement containing myrrh (MyrLIQ®), boswellia (BosLIQ®) and pineapple in reducing acute pain during intrauterine device insertion in nulliparous women. A pilot observational study

Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 119 - 124
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Aim. To assess the efficacy of Evandol, a novel food supplement containing Boswellia (BosLiq®), myrrh (MyrLiq®), pineapple and seed oil from Buglossoides arvensis, in reducing the pain score during and post intrauterine device (IUD) insertion in nulliparous women.
Method. Patients that were to undergo IUD insertion were assigned to the treatment group and patients with the same baseline characteristics were assigned to the control group retrospectively. Patients in the treatment group took Evandol four days prior to IUD insertion and continued for three days post insertion. The control group patients did not receive Evandol therapy. Pain scores were recorded based on the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) immediately after insertion and three days post insertion from both groups.
Results. There were significant differences between the control and the treatment group in terms of pain scores at the time of IUD insertion and at three days after insertion. The Evandol treated patients were primed four days before the insertion, leading to significant reduction of pain at the time of insertion. Evandol maintained its pain relief capacity even after three days as evidenced by significantly different pain scores for the control group.
Conclusions. Evandol, a unique herbal preparation, could help women overcome fear of pain during IUD insertion as evidenced by reduction in the pain score during insertion. Evandol seems to eliminate pain more efficiently compared to the control group after three days of post insertion. Further studies are needed to explore the temporal dynamics of pain relief in the days after insertion.
What is new in this paper? This study reports for the first time the beneficial effect of the novel herbal preparation Evandol as a possible acute pain relief solution for nulliparous women undergoing IUD insertion. Evandol could be administered in day clinics as an alternative to pharmacological preparations to overcome fear of pain without side effects.