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Management and surgical treatment of an abdominal pregnancy.
A case report

Clinical Case, 141 - 145
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In general around 1% of ectopic pregnancies is represented by abdominal pregnancies and these can potentially be deadly during surgical intervention. We introduce a case where the abdominal pregnancy, during the first trimester of pregnancy, has been managed instead with success by laparoscopic way.
A 29-year old woman (DM), came into our department with an amenorrhea of 8 weeks, she reported abdominal pain and vaginal hemorrhage. The concentration of the Bhcgs was of 1327 mUis/ml and the ultrasound did not demonstrate the presence of the pregnancy in uterus. Through intervention with laparoscopic procedures, it foundthat the zone of plant of the pregnancy was the peritoneal serous back of the wide ligament of right, while the ovary and the salpinx of the same side did not appear involved in the same planting. So it was established diagnosis of primitive abdominal pregnancy.
The product of the conception was removed completely without big loss of blood. The level of Bhcg quickly declined and the patient recovered without any problems.
The laparoscopic procedure is a sure alternative in the surgical management of patients tightly selected, with abdominal pregnancy.