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Secondary cytoreductive surgery: surgical approach to bulky aortic nodes, splenic metastases and mesenteric disease

Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 36 - 39
doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.1.036
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Ovarian cancer is the third most common gynecological malignancy and the second cause of cancer death worldwide. About 80% of women affected by advanced ovarian cancer is destined to suffer a relapse after completion of first-line treatment. Whereas, it is generally accepted, that treatment of primary disease should include cytoreductive surgery and platinum based chemotherapy, no unanimous acceptance on the treatment of disease relapse has been reached. In recent years, surgical treatment of ovarian cancer disease recurrence has acquired increasing consensus and since the first reports, Authors are defining appropriate indications and survival results. Comparative studies have suggested that women who achieve optimal residual disease after secondary cytoreduction (SCR) have better outcomes than similar patients treated with sole chemotherapy. Gynecologists that approach this type of surgery require a deep knowledge of the retroperitoneal, vascular and upper abdominal anatomy. Here we present the technique we adopt to remove disease recurrence from three common and most challenging sites.

Vol. XXXIX (No. 2) 2017 Marzo - Aprile

  1. Correlation between tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes to pathologic response in locally advanced breast cancer patients who receive neoadjuvant chemotherapy in Haji Adam Malik General Hospital
    Siregar B.K., Jamaluddin S.P., Siburian R.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.2.067
  2. Rischio cordonale: outcome perinatale e materno
    Guirreri A., Giallombardo V., Pipari A., Lo Balbo G., Lo Dico G.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.2.071
  3. The course and outcomes of pregnancy in patients with hysteromyoma in different treatment methods
    Gurjeva V.A., Kolyado O.V., Karacheva Y.O.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.2.075
  4. Attualità sul Lichen Sclerosus genitale
    Ambrifi M., Tedesco M., Latini A., Cota C., Giuliani M., Cristaudo A.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.2.082
  5. Lichen Scleroatrofico vulvare e cutaneo
    Lippa P., Frascani F.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.2.087
  6. Gravidanza nelle pazienti sopravvissute al cancro al seno: sicurezza e attuabilità
    Stani S.C., Sini V.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.2.093
  7. Sintomi vasomotori ed estratto di polline purificato: meccanismo di azione
    Lello S.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.2.104
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  1. Secondary cytoreductive surgery: surgical approach to bulky aortic nodes, splenic metastases and mesenteric disease
    Di Donato V., Besharat A.R., Perniola G., Muzii L., Maturo A., Monti M., Musella A., Schiavi M., Bracchi C., Colagiovanni V., Domenici L., Casorelli A., Tomao F., Palaia I., Marchetti C., Benedetti Panici P.
    doi: 10.11138/giog/2017.39.1.036